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Laura Pakasaar is a 20 year old hip hop dancer and choreographer, who was born and raised in Estonia. She started training in dance at the age of 6 and has been passionated about it since then.
 Growing up, she attended and won numerous dance competitions with different dance groups and as a solo-artist in Baltics. At the age of 15, Laura was offered to start teaching classes and work with her own dance groups, who have competed successfully and been victorious in different dance competitions. It did not take her long to realize she wanted to become a professional.
During high school, Laura had her own two dance groups she was working with, choreographed for weddings, actors, dance shows and competitions. She appeared in different TV and media features throughout the years in Estonia, performed on the biggest stages as a back-up dancer and did music videos with Estonian singers. 

Laura always knew she wants to train and work in America. October 2018, she found her way to New York, which was right after high school. Laura has been part of one of the biggest choreographers showcase in Manhattan twice, called "Sybrarite", assisting choreographers and done 3 music videos since then. 
Laura's biggest passion is commerical dance and performing on the big stages, but she is always open to everything new what entertainment industry has to offer. Laura says that being open-minded is one of the main thing she tries to keep while working on her dreams. 

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